About Our Founder

Couture Trips Essentials is a company dedicated to Traveling the World Well. Our founder Susan Sherren started her career as a nurse and transitioned from nursing into travel in 2019. Some notable developments led her to this path. After traveling around the globe, she noticed that in-flight conditions placed her at risk for dehydration, indigestion, and many effects from flying at 30,000 ft. Even though airplanes are pressurized to around 6,000 to 8,000 feet, still those effects can impact the traveler and even the tiniest of travelers- infants.

She experimented with a variety of products to lessen the effects of travel. And even including some of the most superficial aspects of your appearance. As she stated, “it seems so strange to spend a ton of money getting to your destination only to feel like you’ve been camping the entire journey.” After years of travel and experimenting with various products, she began a journey to share the best the world has to offer in terms of unique products that can deliver at 30,000 ft. She said recently,” not all of us can afford to fly first class, so why not empower the passenger to have a near to the first-class experience by taking matters into their own hands.”

Our kits also address the tremendous waste onboard an airplane. Just consider the number of plastic cups that get tossed in the trash on a long-haul journey. Changing your travel footprint to a fingerprint is possible when you plan well and in advance. Our kits lessen waste and hopefully alleviate some of the environmental impacts of travel.

Over the years, she started sharing her travel tips with individuals and conducted some evaluations of products at 30,000 ft-after months of experimenting and trialing a ton of products from around the world; she launched Couture Trips Essentials In-Flight Kits.

After deciding that the last thing the world needed was another product- she decided to select the best in class for each of her targeted in-flight issues. In a recent interview, Susan suggested that the products you use at home might not do the trick in arid conditions you find in-flight. What are prime travel irritants- dry eyes, dry lips, dry eyes, dehydration, in-flight food, immobility, germs, and lack of sleep? She specifically targeted solutions or solutions/products that lessened the effects of these in-flight annoyances.

We all know there isn’t a cure-all for jet lag, but what we do before and after the trip can reduce its effects. Travel education is a passion for our founder; she even has a Master’s Degree in Health Communications from Boston University. As you can see, travel education and the well being of travelers is her passion.  

Her advice is not medical advice; she strongly encourages travelers to discuss their travel plans/destinations with their physician(s) and how travel might impact their unique health issues and concerns.

Our essential travel kits aren’t just for in-flight travel. Imagine having pre-packed equipment for the long car journey! Our seven kits range in price and size, depending on your travel needs. We even prep your infant for their first journey out of the house.

We invite you to Travel the World Well and embrace a modern approach to travel. Join us in elevating your travel experiences by changing your footprint into a fingerprint.

All our best!

Couture Trips Team