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Flying can take a toll on your appearance and wellbeing. Our collection of kits and products can make your in-flight experience more desirable. You don't need to sacrifice your appearance just because you are on the go. Arrive at your destination looking and feeling your best. Learn how to travel the world well with our collection of hand-selected and trialed products. Elevate your travel experience with Couture Trips Travel Essentials.

Our products allow you to have a dedicated in-flight kit

Keep your cosmetics and hygiene products separate from your travel ones

Our grab and go concept keeps your travel prep to a minimum

Turn your travel footprint into a fingerprint

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Elevate Your Travel Experience

Couture Trips Travel Essentials

Four Pillars of Couture Trips Essentials


Travel can take a toll on your appearance. Flying at 30,000 feet with humidity levels of less than 15 percent is dehydrating to the skin. Time zone changes and the strain of travel can impact how we feel and look. Take control of your appearance by focusing first on hydrating your skin inside and out.

Couture Trips In-flight Essentials emphasizes looking your best no matter where you are. You don’t have to compromise your beauty standards because you have left the ground or your home.

Our year-long independent experimentation and blinded trials in-flight with many outstanding products resulted in the selection of just a few of the world’s most elite. Our objectives were first to identify which products were packaged ideally for in-flight/airport restrictions combined with those that performed the best across all of our strict benchmarks were eventually selected. You will find all of these products that made the final cut in our elite collection.

Remember-stand out on the jetway no matter where you roam. Join us in embracing modern, elite travel.

We do not randomly endorse brands and received no compensation for our 2019 independent experimentation/blinded trials. These products were solely evaluated on how they could benefit you, the traveler



We encourage travelers to evaluate how in-flight conditions can impact their health. We feel that becoming an educated traveler is crucial to understanding how to travel the world well. Several factors- immobility, dehydration, exposure to infectious viruses, bacteria, as well as digestive disturbances, are known concerns as you ascend and descend during your flight.

Our in-flight essentials kits address some of these concerns.Follow our social media channels for further inflight education.

You should consult with your physician regarding your specific health concerns and conditions. Frequent check-ups and communication with your physician are essential.

Ecofriendly travel


Consider how often you're offered an in-flight beverage in a plastic cup or bottle while flying. Take note- the average Airbus 380 can hold up to 170 passengers. The amount of plastic waste per flight is astounding. Now consider how many plastic items are discarded in-flight around the globe in a 24-hour cycle. 

Our team was conscious of this waste when we searched for sustainable alternatives for our clients on the move. Hydaway provided the perfect solution. Every kit in our collection contains a reusable alternative to plastic cups, bottles, and straws.

Explore our collection of travel essentials to determine how you can travel the world well and turn your footprint into a fingerprint


Have you ever stepped off the plane after a long-haul flight and didn't feel up to the critical meeting or engagement? Perfect the art of travel by being prepared and educated about staying on top of your game.
Couture Trips Travel Essentials Consultants can guide you through a travel regime that will boost your confidence, so you hit the ground running. Don't compromise your appearance just because you're a million miles from home. How you project yourself comes down to confidence inside and out.
Couture Trips Travel Essentials offers individualized consultations so you can step up your game and meet the competition head-on. Change your travel mindset with our help and become a modern, elite traveler.

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